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Edinburgh String Quartet

The Edinburgh Quartet is one of the longest-established British string quartets and remains, as it always has been, Scotland's only ensemble exclusively dedicated to the performance and teaching of chamber music. Formed in 1959 by Professor Sidney Newman to be resident quartet at Edinburgh University, the Edinburgh Quartet still enjoys a strong association with that institution.
In 1997 they were appointed Quartet in Residence at Napier University, Edinburgh, with a busy commitment to performance and other activity within the Ian Tomlin School of Music. They have also been involved for some years with chamber music studies at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow.

Each season, the Edinburgh Quartet provides an unrivalled number of performance and workshops throughout the length and breadth of Scotland, in small communities within the Highlands and Islands as well as in the major centres. In addition, regular tours are made within the UK and abroad.

Contemporary Music:

The Edinburgh Quartet's work with contemporary composers earned it the Scottish Society of Composers first PRS Award for the promotion and encouragement of work by living composers. The Quartet itself regularly commissions works from composers and includes these as part of its regular concert programmes wherever possible. Over the past few years, the Quartet has given first and subsequent performances of works by many of Scotland's foremost composers, including Edward Harper, Edward McGuire, Amanda Collins, Matthew Roddie, Kenneth Dempster, Jennifer Martin, Ken Johnstone and Ornette Clennon.


Since 1997, the Edinburgh Quartet has been Quartet in Residence at Napier University, Edinburgh and also enjoys close ties with Edinburgh University, holding concerts and workshops at both universities on a regular basis. In addition, the Quartet takes part in musical events at both Strathclyde and Aberdeen Universities. Individual members of the Quartet coach at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and at specialist music schools. Wherever possible, the Quartet offers workshops to local school and colleges, covering all ages and ranges of the curriculum.


                           The Quartet continually explores new ideas and collaborations with
                           artists working in dance, drama, poetry, jazz and other cross-cultural
                           art forms.

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